Crash Landing Part 1

Jungle of the Amazon. The spacecraft is in distress when facing a UFO. The astronaut remains alive. However, the aliensurvived the crash. Worth a closer look. This gorgeous and chesty rookie chick from a distant world. She is courteous and is interested in the health of the captain of the ship. She apologizes for the disaster and wishes to sleek her error. After a duo of minutes, she takes off and embarks to suck on a enormous dick. And substitutes her pink alien fuckbox to have fuck-fest with a member of the earth race. Surely they both like this depraved and sesualny process of interplanetary fuck-a-thon.

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Anne and the Seamonster

Beautiful and sexy female Annie came to relax. She doesn't see what is occurring around and is keen on break. From the depths of the sea comes the wicked monster with terrible tentacles. He catches Annie with them and tears . Annie is absolutely nude. Sea monster hauls Annie to acave. There he will kiss her in poses. For starters, his tentacles will fuck Annie in her cock-squeezing and tight pink cootchie, round butt and mouth watering. And then a ton of semen will toss into Annie's cock-squeezing vagina. Annie will be an incubator for offspring. What happens next you must learn for yourself.

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