candy shop

Candy Shop – Neapolitan

New candies are ready to be fucked! And do not be concerned about food - this is just another one sequence from funny manga porn series"Chocolate Shop". New day means fresh experiments on creating something sweet and delicious into something sweet, delicious and... screwable! And our team consisiting of her assistant scientis lady and looks-like-he-is-the-only-normal-dude-here Andrew are going to work with ice-cream! Well, looks like somenoe is about to suspend his dick off... Funny narrative and a string of minigames representing manga porn scenes is everything you can hope from any game in"Chocolate Shop" series so if you're not a fan of this game then most likely you'll be playing this one! And don't leave behind to check for other gigs on our site!

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Candy Shop – Hot Ball

Welcome back into the Candy shop - where all the sweet and hot dreams are blended together! Tonight's episode is called"Hot Ball". Pay another visit to the Bo-Peep Candy company where in chase for more profit directors are ready to employ the craziest scientists ever - Dr Excella along with her helper Tahl! And as alwaya they've something new for Andy to check for them. More - they've invited a special guest to assist Andy in this brand new experiment! But that's the story - if you want to understand more details then just begin to play the game. In terms of the gameplay it's scheme is normal - funny story will cause you to the set of interactive hentai scenes where our hero will fuck some deliocious food in the form of sexy girl - who's gonna be real sexy now!

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