Hentai Artist 4: Maids

Always wanted to test your self as hentai artist even though you can not to draw whatsoever? You might try this game instead! The gameplay relies on drawing-by-dots automobile dealer. Just find the dot with an X on it- it is going to be the commencement of your art. Then all you need to do is precisely move your coursor through the rest of the dots to make a continious line. Each connected dot will unlock some region of the image so once you complete the line you will notice an entire picture - already coloured! All the images in this variant are dedicated to maids - enjoy a great deal of sexy hentai scenes with busty anime girls in sexy casual outfits while they make more mess then they should do in the first location! There'll be few levels and also you can visit eveloper's site to discover different editions of this game if you enjoed it!

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