Horny Nurses: Photographer

Story about Horny Nurses continues. As formerly also here you can enjoy these graphics. Watch two nurses appreciate each other. One of these pose for his camera and will visit the individual.

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Nurse for a New Year

It turned out to be a rare misfortune at work. And you're in hospital and it is almost New Year. But a lonely nurse is at the hallway. Perhaps you should try and bring her? Give her buttocks and receive a nice blowjob.

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Fuck Town: Date with an Ophthalmologist

Welcome back into the Fucktown... and now you will visit an ophtalmologist! Yep, visiting hospital could be fairly a way to spend your day. And this specific game will reflect it fairly much - for to your doctor that you need you will need to walk orund the hospital and try to find her very first (hint - no, she will not be in her office - that will be too easy). Discovered her? Well, then you are going to need to walk around the building an additional time -this time to receive medical card and few other products. Then you can go and actually play a minigame where hot physician will likely be cheking your left and right eyes! Yet her fairly and big bra-stuffers are the real eye-catchers within this match. Who knows may this hospital is not one hundred percent realistic and you'll get implanted with big-titted physician following all processes are finished?

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