Strip Sexy Pirate pt. 2

Always wanted to fuck busty goddess captain somwhere from caribbean waters? Then you probably will like this game! But first things first - until this lady captain will also let you to check out her large treasures you'll have to proove her which you ae worthy celebrity. Or more - worthy cannoneer! Since the only thing which makes this particular captain chick horny is the view of boat. Each time you will conduct a shot she will eliminate one of her components. But try to maintain focus on conflict because every missed shot will force her to return the clothing she took off (perhaps not everyhting at the exact ofcourse but strive not to miss too often or you'll get back the starting point eventually). If you will prove to be a fantastic pirate and destroy all ships with her enemies then you'll get your reward!

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Blackjack with Janice

Meet Janice! This tropical hottie likesto play with cardgames like blackjack... as faras stripping for cash! Justhow about to acquirea numberof her money and pay her to getstriptease with them at this time? The gameplay is reallystandart for practically anyblackjack game you'veplayed before. Put the wager, makeyour cards, get more or remainwith what you got - the most importantpurposeis to get as close to 21 points as possible. Everytime you'llwin you will get money thatyou can use to unlock sexyvideosclips together withJanice. Each next video clip will likelybe hotter than one. And ofcourse it will be cost you evenmore of ingame money - so in the event that you wish to watchall of Janice's sensualglory you'llneedto acquirea great dealof blackjack matchesfirst! Try to unlock all the videos and watch the complete show!

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