Math strip 2

Beautiful and buxom teacher left after the lessons of a student, that would hold with him extra classes in mathematics. She determined to conduct classes in the form of a game. The student must reaction questions and solve equations. When he answers correctly, then the instructor could remove a piece of clothing. You should assist the dude get analyzed. Look at the game screen. You see the teacher who stands at the blackboard. She has a round ass and big funbags. After a duo of seconds, the numerical equations show up on the screen. As an example 5 * 9 =? You must give a valid answer. To do so use the buttons along withnumbers. Your job is to see the instructor totally naked.

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Fuck Town: College Life 3

You're a teacher of astronomy in the College of Art. It is an exam-time and allof your students havealready passed your exam, except Sophia Martin. She wasn'tcoming to your lectures, so now you can get some reward if she wishes to pass your exam.

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