visual novel

Unique Sexy Occasion

Main hero of the game wkaes up in the morning. In unacquainted location. With the naked woman next to him who he does not know. Last night, what has happened? Was it so fun or may beour heroes wil lfind themselves in a lot of troubles? If you would like to learn then play the game at this time! The sotry will be advised as it being advised in visual novels - using a lot of artworks text. But when it will come to hookup scenes they are going to be not just animated and revived - some of them will be minigames! Ofcourse they are going to be simple clicker-type games so you wouldn't be distracted from main story for too lengthy. On the other side no one says you have to win each game directly from teh start so that you you could enjoy the scene for so long as you want.

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Summoners Quest Ch.7

Famus Summooner continues his quest and he is already got to Chapter 7. Seems like thsi game series has found its devotees because this is not going to be the last sequence - just check our site where you can find both prior and following chapters! By the way that this Chapter is titled"Spider Queen". Our daring hero has reached the mountains and now is attempting to decide where he should go - left or right? And this is extremely first examply of this decisionthat you as aplayer might have to make. These decisions will affect the storyline and what rewards our daring hero will get at the end. If he will stay alive ofcourse... Each chapter of this series can be rightfully called a manga porn parody so who knows - may be in thsi exact episode you will meet your fave fantasy characters!

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Quickie: Victoria (Public)

If you want visual novels which don't take a lot of your time to play it nonetheless still has truly nice artworks and the opportunity to make choices and change the direction of the narrative at certain important points then that second game from"Oppai Games" is precisely what you want. Incidentally this is a entire series of the game called"Quickie" which will bring you that the new chick in every gig. And today you're going to meet with very lovely blonde with green eyes. Play the story as youdo with any rvisual novel games but pay attention when you will have to make a choice - in this game series it is possible to get nad ending without any manga porn or erotic scenes at all. Too realistic if you will ask me... Don't forget to visit our website and play along with ladies!

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